The Great iAd Experiment (Results)

Well, as I said, I was going to report on the initial success of iAds after they went into the free version of Quick Draw with Words.

Well, lots of people are reporting great success with iAds, and it’s no surprise.  Apple is paying developers quite a bit more for their ads than other ad networks (such as Google’s AdMob) pay out.  One developer of a free LED flashlight app reported $1400 of iAd revenue in his first day.

Well, I didn’t do nearly that well :) , but I must say that I was impressed by how much ad revenue was generated through iAds.  It was much more than I received through sales of the full 99 cent version.  I believe that I might change things such that the free version and the paid version contain the same content.  What does everyone think of that?

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