Quick Draw 1.2 and RPG Toolkit 1.25 are now available!

Apple blew me away yesterday and approved both updates on the same day!

Quick Draw 1.2 has the following changes:

  1. A “Skip It” button which allows you to get a new category if you do not like the one that you were given (incurring a 5 second penalty)
  2. Better display of long category names
  3. Of course, new categories!

RPG Toolkit 1.25 has the following changes:

  1. Complete fix of the syncing system! Now you can sync as much data as you desire without problems. It’s also faster, but I recommend that you do it over WiFi if you want to experience the fastest possible sync speed.
  2. Sync errors (if they do happen) are now more clear, and it should be quite obvious what has caused them.
  3. Attribute list for a character is easier to read; font sizes change based on how long the text is.

2 Responses to “Quick Draw 1.2 and RPG Toolkit 1.25 are now available!”

  1. Paul says:

    Will you be releasing an ipad version of the RPG Toolkit?


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for checking out the app, Paul! Currently, there are no plans to make an iPad version, just because I’m focusing on adding features right now instead of things like that (even though that kind of stuff is very cool, too :) ). Once I get some more features in (like the ability to do more than one campaign, for instance), then I will certainly consider working on an iPad version, and possibly even an Android version.

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