RPG Toolkit 1.2 approved for the App Store!

The update has been approved, and will headed to an App Store near you shortly!

Changes in this Update:

The ability to roll 20 dice on the main dice picker.
The ability to roll an arbitrary number and type of dice (ex. 60d13 in the die roller).
A history of die rolls is displayed to show the last 6 rolls.
Cards now use suit icons instead of the word.

And the big one…
The ability to add data from the web! Now, through partnering with the Fear the Boot podcast, you can enter data on the web and sync it straight to your phone!

3 Responses to “RPG Toolkit 1.2 approved for the App Store!”

  1. dpmcalister says:

    I don’t suppose you are planning an Android version? I’d happily play double for that :D

  2. admin says:

    An Android version may or may not be in the works. I am working with some people on some big things for the future, and once the iPhone app is in good shape, then it’s quite possible you could see it on Android someday!

    Thanks for your interest!

  3. dpmcalister says:

    Not a problem, thanks for the response :)

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