Quick Draw up for App Store Review

Baked Ham Games is proud to announce its next app: Quick Draw, a word game. It is currently up for app store review and, barring any issues, should hopefully be available in about a week.

As you can see, Quick Draw can be played with 2 to 4 teams. It’s really a party game where the most fun is had when people are just yelling out words to the person with the device. Although, it is still a lot of fun when it’s just a one-on-one bout!

So down to business… The screen above is the main gameplay screen.  As you can see, the game picks a random category from its internal list of categories (100 available at launch), and it also picks a random letter.  The letters Q, U, V, X, Y, and Z are excluded because of the unfairness involved with the lack of possible answers beginning with those letters. But, onto the game… as you can see, the category selected is “Villains / Monsters”, and the letter selected is B.

Can you think of any villains or monsters that start with the letter B?  That’s actually a tough one.  The only one I can think of right now is Blofield, as in, Ernst Stavro Blofeld from James Bond.  Anyway, your team must come up with as many right answers as possible in the time allotted.

Also, even though Quick Draw comes with 100 categories, you can very easily add your own.  You can add as many as you like, and they’ll be available to use each time you want to play Quick Draw.

So, hopefully we’ll see it hit the store soon.  Please ask any questions you have!

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