What’s to Come…

I’m posting here to show a bit of what’s to come in the next version of RPG Toolkit.  Well, the next major change, anyway…

What I’ve done is created a website that will allow a user to enter or view his data from the web, allowing for ease of use, especially when typing out long notes or something.  Also, in case your iPhone data is lost, you can always sync your device back to the website and all your data will be restored!

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Characters on the iPhone

Lauren and Silas are already made on the iPhone

We begin with two characters that already exist in our iPhone app: Lauren and Silas.

Now, we create a login on the website, and take a look at it… it’s currently empty:

Before Sync

No Characters Exist for this Login

But, now that we have a login, we can go to the new Sync screen on the app.

Sync Screen

The new Sync Screen

Once we enter our username and password (which we only have to do once, because the app remembers it for future use), and press the Sync button… after a few seconds, you will see a message indicating your success, and the website will then look like this:

After Sync

The characters have been added to the website

And that’s all there is to it! Also, you can’t see from the screenshots, but if there was any new data on the website, it also would have been pushed down and added to the iPhone.  Also, any updates to existing characters, attributes, or notes made on either the web or iPhone will be synced as well.

There are a few other upgrades to come in version 1.2, but that’s certainly the biggest.  Hopefully, RPG Toolkit version 1.2 will be ready for Apple review in the coming days.

3 Responses to “What’s to Come…”

  1. Robert Davis says:


    I’ve just found out about this app and will be buying it this evening. I noticed you’ve mentioned Savage Worlds a few times and have even included exploding dice and cards. Is there any chance you might be able to add in the use of “Wild Dice” as per the Savage Worlds rules. This would make the app perfect for Savage Worlds and I’ve already seen it mentioned in the Pinnacle forums.

  2. Robert Davis says:


    Just purchased the app and like what I see so far. Can’t seem to get the Sync to work; every time I click on the Sync button the app closes. Admittedly I’m using this on my iPod Touch but I don’t believe anything was written to say this only works on iPhone.

  3. admin says:

    Robert, I’m sorry about the issues you’re having with sync. I’ll be e-mailing you in just a moment to discuss the issues.

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