What’s to come for RPG Toolkit

Even after releasing version 1.3 of RPG Toolkit back in November, which was a major revision, and also releasing version 1.3.1 a bit later which added Fudge Dice, Baked Ham Games is not finished with this app.

First of all, work is almost complete on version 1.3.2 which adds the following features:

  • Allows navigation now between different versions of the dice rollers & card drawers
  • Supports the use of the minus sign (-) in dice strings (i.e. 1d20-1)
  • Allows you to export all your data to e-mail for backing up

Also, in light of that last bullet point, let it also be known that version 2.0 is in development as well!  2.0 is a complete revamp of the entire app, starting mostly from scratch, to take into account all the suggestions of users as well as my growing expertise as an iPhone app developer.  2.0 will be the biggest advancement yet for RPG Toolkit, and as I make more progress, I’ll be releasing tidbits of information about it right here.

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  1. Norm Gross says:

    Note to author. Not sure why, but I am having issues syncing the app to the website (rpgtoolkit.feartheboot.com). I have removed all of the characters from app, but I have been unable to find a way to remove the characters from the website. Please feel free to email me.


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