RPG Toolkit 1.30 released!

RPG Toolkit 1.30 has just been released, and it’s our biggest update ever!

Thanks to the efforts of Fear the Boot, graphic artist Keith Curtis has provided some new graphic designs for the app.

Many of the major changes of version 1.30 are clearly evident from the character screen. In the previous versions, if you clicked on a character’s name from the list, you would only get the option to edit the character’s attributes.  From the screenshot below, you can see that that’s changed.

Tapping a Character

New Character Interface

The first option still does the same as before (and also, clicking the blue arrow on next to the person’s name will do that, too.

The next option is a major new one.   Cloning a character allows you to take all the attribute names of an existing character and immediately apply them to a new character.  In other words, after you have manually created all the attributes for one character, you can clone that character for the next one, and you won’t have to re-enter all the attributes again.  Since the attributes will be blank, you’ll simply have to change the values to whatever they are for the new character.

In regards to the third option, this is a very quick addition that many people have asked for. You can switch any PC to become an NPC and vice versa.  Note that this change will not be reflected on the web site if you sync, so you’ll have to change it on the website as well.

The fourth option is also a major enhancement!  You can now e-mail character sheets (screen shot here) straight to your GM, other players, or anyone else for that matter… all from right inside the app.

But… characters aren’t the only thing to get a major upgrade.  Check out the new card-drawing interface!

New Card Drawer!

Of course, the old interface is still available if you want to quickly draw lots of cards, but the new interface is just so much fun to play with.  Please, check it out, everyone!

There are more updates, too, but those are certainly the big ones.  At Baked Ham Games, we’re really striving to make the best app possible, and we really hope that you enjoy them.  If you have any questions about the new features, please leave them here.

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