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RPG Toolkit Ready for App Store Submission

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The RPG Toolkit app from Baked Ham Games has been completed, and hopefully the app will arrive on the App Store soon.

The app is, what I hope will become, an answer for the needs of role-players out there who use their iPhones to assist with role-playing.  As far as the App Store is concerned, gamers mostly only have the option to use their iPhones to roll some dice, but I hope that the RPG Toolkit will provide much more.

It does die rolling, too

It does die rolling, too

The die roller acts just like most die rollers, and also has the ability to support exploding dice.  There’s not much here to tell, so I’ll move on to the other functions.

Card Drawer

Drawing Cards

The app can also simulate drawing cards from a deck.  This could be useful for games like Savage Worlds where the initiative is determined by drawing cards.  Also, I believe that the Dungeons & Dragons Deck of Many Things uses a deck of cards.  Even so, it’s a handy tool to have available at the table.

PCs & NPCs

Keeping track of characters

Character Attributes

The list of attributes for Silas

The RPG Toolkit can be used to create a list of player characters and non-player characters, and you can store attributes for each.  In the screen shot above, we have a character named Fred.  We could click the blue arrow button and add stats for him.  The app is system-independent, so you can create any stat you want (Strength, Constitution, Swimming, Psionic Powers, etc.) and give it any value you want (16, +3, d8, 2d12, etc).  If people are interested, I can post more screen shots of how the attributes work.


Searchable notes system

Finally, the app comes with a searchable notes system.  Can’t remember the name of the planet with the blue aliens?  Save it as a note.  You can save as many notes as you want, and so it’s helpful to be able to come back and search for “blue alien” later on.

So, that’s  the app in a nutshell. Most apps are approved within one week, so maybe by early May it will be available.  I hope to update it regularly with new features, as well as some other special things to make note and character entry easier to deal with.

If there are any questions, please leave a comment!